seven-segment displays
magnetic indicators

EL.DI. Elettronica, active for thirty years in the production and sale of electronic components, offers a wide range of items, including:


  • push button commutator switches;
  • preselection commutator switches;
  • modular series commutator switches;
  • thumbwheel commutator switches;
  • electromechanical components;
  • passive electronic components;
  • optoelectronic components;
  • LED displays;
  • 7-segment displays;
  • flip disc;
  • flip-dot displays;
  • magnetic latching indicators;
  • interrupter commutator switches;
  • electric interrupters;
  • thumbwheel interrupters;
  • electronic materials and components;
  • potentiometers;
  • wheel preselectors;
  • bcd preselectors;
  • digital preselectors;
  • thumbwheel switches;
  • LED displays;
  • magnetic displays.

The technical department is available to provide customers with customised solutions to suit their every need. To learn more, contact the offices at Headquarters Monday through Friday, from 8:00 to 18:00.

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