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EL.DI. Elettronica Digitale is a Brescia company that has been producing equipment and electronic components for industry for over 30 years, and, thanks to their high level of specialisation, today is a benchmark for customised and technologically advanced solutions, for all companies looking for products manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring reliability and energy savings. The production lines are diverse, and include commutator switches, preselectors, magnetic indicators and seven-segment displays.

Magnetic indicators

Magnetic latching indicators, ideal for status indicators, industrial displays, portable equipment.


The preselectors manufactured by the Brescia company can be read at a distance and are available in several versions to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Seven-segment displays

Displays designed and manufactured depending on the intended use, varying by size, mounting, terminations and internal logic used.

Commutator switches

Thumbwheel or button commutator switches, for front or back mounting, available in different sizes, with decimal, binary and potentiometric switching codes and different types of terminations.

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